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Looking for a Key Fob Bracelet / Fob Holder Wristband?

Are you tired of always fumbling with your key fob? Are you looking for an apartment key fob holder or have you run out of the house forgetting the fob that could get you inside important places? Well, we have found a very convenient solution to ease that issue of yours. We know how frustrating it can get to scour for the key fob in your bag or pocket. It is flat and small, and easy to lose. But luckily for you, we have the best possible solution for it: The Key Fob Bracelet

How Fobster was born

Me and my wife got locked out of the apartment way too many times before we decided we got to do something about it. After years of testing and a dozen prototypes, Fobster was born, one-size-fits-all an Apartment Key Fob Holder that can slid into your iWatch easily

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~ Udi & Drau
Founders, Fobster Pvt Ltd
Melbourne, Australia.

The key fob has a single component of an RFID system consisting of two parts: a microchip that stores data and an antenna that receives and transmits data. An RFID key fob holder or a key fob wristband is a bracelet; that allows you to wear your key fob in the form of a bracelet. At most, it saves you from the pain of losing a small but essential object. The good thing is that you don’t have to suffer from this unfortunate fate. Why? Because Fobster is here to save the day.

If your apartment building or office has a lock system that uses key fobs, this key fob bracelet is for you. You don’t need to constantly worry about its whereabouts because it is not going to move from your wrist. The key fob holder has a rubber pocket with a thin enough layer to function accurately without the key fob falling out. You can easily be mobile with your key fob bracelet and wouldn’t need to worry for a second.

Whether you are working out in a gym, going for an early morning jog, or have a busy schedule that makes you struggle to take care of the little things such as a key fob, you are in the right place to look for the safety of your fob. No one loves to premeditatedly search for something and reach a dead-end. That is why we have given you the most budgeted quick fix.

 The key fob bracelet around your wrist holds the precious fob that can grant you access to the places you need it for. It stays on your wrist no matter how much you move. Even if you have a number of things you need to hold, a quick flick of your key fob holder, and you will be able to unlock the door.

This key fob wristband is durable and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. It comprises a flexible silicon rubber, making it safe and dependable. You may go swimming or surfing without worrying about the key fob holder since it fits any size and keeps the key fob from falling out.

No more worrying about the little gadget because Fobster has given you the most clever and reliable solution to your need. And if you are looking for drawbacks of this product, it is simply that you do not yet own one for yourself. So rectify that little issue and get your Fobster’s key fob holder now!

Use it anywhere

Fobster key fob wristband is durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear

Why Fobster

Secure Pocket

Made With Durable Food Grade Silicone Rubber

Key Fob Wrist Bracelet


Water Resistant High Quality Nylon That's Soft On Your Skin

One Size Fits All

Adjustable Strap To Fit Any Wrist Size


Wear it for Work Or Off Work.

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